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Pros And Cons Of Installing A Sliding Door In A House

If you are thinking of placing a sliding door at your house’s entrance or interior Los Angeles, you should keep in mind that the goal of home improvement has to be directed towards functionality and comfort. If we see only the aesthetic, we must at least make sure that it does not go against the two previous factors. In this way, we can make a more balanced balance of using a sliding door, specifically in our home.

Merge spaces and give privacy at the same time

With a sliding door, the fusion of two spaces is solved; when you open them and close them, you can create two separate spaces. This can be seen in most small apartments, where they are generally left open to give a feeling of visual amplitude and lighting.

Opening greater than 70cm

If the room’s opening is that of a typical door, the installation of a sliding door will not provide the visual-spatial continuity that is sought.

Floor to ceiling opening

The opening must be free from the ceiling to the floor, if lintels are placed, we will not be able to amplify the environment either, and the placement of a sliding door would not add amplitude to space.

Same characteristics of the floor and ceiling

For the visualization of continuity from one space to the other to be fulfilled, there must be continuity in the floor and ceiling. It must be the same ceramic, and the ceiling must not have a height separation or any other type.

Same color

If the above conditions are met, spaciousness can be achieved by placing a sliding door of the same color.

Comfort in heavy traffic

When the entrance or exit from one room to another has a high frequency, this type of enclosure allows the door to slide through without the need to take a handle to open or close.

Make better use of space

Although it does not generate more space virtually, it does not take away space like the hinged door. So it allows you to make better use of space. However, depending on the type of slide to be used, it is possible that one of the walls is disabled to place pictures or shelves.

Cons of installing a sliding door

According to the people who live in the house, installing a sliding door can be a great solution or a nightmare. We tell you when it is not the most appropriate solution.

They are not acoustic

You have to keep in mind that when dividing two rooms with a sliding door; therefore, privacy is lost. Especially if you want to separate a bathroom or if people with different rest hours coexist.

Do they save space?

The space that is saved is the one that a swing door would occupy. But, to open a sliding door, it takes up a wall. On this wall, we cannot decorate or place shelves or any lighting. In case that wall is needed, the design with partitions can be used.

More expensive

At the price of a conventional door, you must add the frame and the hardware for hanging and sliding. The most economical design is the one with an external guide at the top.

Ideally, they combine with the environments’ style, painting them the same color as the wall, leaving them in a natural tone, or painting them in a contrasting tone. In some designs, it is chosen to decorate them with mirrors.

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